Italian Association Against Arthritis, AICA, born in 1992, is a non profit association whose main aims are to provide informations concerning the treatment of arthritides and to update on rheumatic diseases.

The Association is pleased to announce the conclusion of the preliminary research carried out by Dr. Caruso et al, leading to the development of a promising therapeutic vaccine for rheumatoid arthritis, vaccine conceived and developed in hospital wards.

The results concerning this research work will be shown in this web site. There will also be a table summing up the efficacy profile of the autologous therapeutic vaccine, which may be obtained through different methods of extraction and, directly, from rheumatoid synovial fluid.

Dr. Caruso has written an open letter explaining to the patients the difficulties encountered in order to obtain the authorization for the clinical use of an autologous therapeutic vaccine and to explain why the pharmaceutical industries have so many perplexities to invest in a project aimed to identify an anti-arthritic substance in the mare magnum of autologous peptides and epitopes of synovial fluid. At the same time he sends out an appeal to physicians to try it singly on selected patients, because there is so much at stake and there is a need for tests.